La Sousta 4 stars campsite

On the Uzetian roads

In the middle of the garrigue, vineyards and olive trees, this bicycle loop, more cyclotouristic than cyclosportive, takes you on the magnificent side roads to discover Uzge, between Uzs and Pont du Gard.

VLO DE ROUTE - MEDIUM - 66.5 KM - 537 M

Departing from la Sousta, you will cross the Pont du Gard, to rejoin Vers-Pont-du-Gard. The village deserves a stop. It has important stone quarries which have been exploited for a long time,which were used by the Romans for the construction of the aqueduct which went from the fountain of Eure to Uzs until Nmes, and to built the Pont du Gard. It has kept all its small shops and its craftsmen. Walking through the alleys, you will discover the Clock Tower, a vestige of the medieval walls, the Church and the three remarkable water points (wash, fountains) ...

Following, you reach the superb city of Uzs, with a good rating in the last 2 kilometers. Center of the country of Uzge, Uzs, first Duchy of France labeled "city of art and history",is famous for its architectural richness. Take the time to discover its cathedral, its ducal palace, its pedestrian streets, the castles of Uzs, the Fenestrelle tower... And maybe take a break on a shaded terrace. Before leaving the city, do not hesitate to take the proposed detour to reach the Eure Valley and the remains of the Aqueduct.

You will now continue towards Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie, a small picturesque village labeled "City and craft", known for its many potters (ceramic festival mid-July). About 9 km further, you go to the castle of Serviers-et-Labaume, located on a rocky promontory offering a beautiful panoramic view of the surroundings.

Now heading south where you join the Gorges du Gardon at the Pont Saint-Nicolas de Campagnac (medieval, 13th century) and the old Prieur. You continue your journey towards Collias, a tourist hotspot due to its location next to the Gardon.

The last kilometers allow you after two beautiful bumps to return by the Pont du Gard to your campsite.

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