La Sousta 4 stars campsite




Food shop :

The grocery shop offers a wide range of products at reasonable prices!

Our bakery produce is baked on site to offer our campers the pleasure of fresh, warm croissants and baguettes in the morning.



Bar / Restaurant :
Take advantage of all the services offered by our Le Bistrot bar/restaurant – breakfast, takeaways, restaurant meals served throughout the day, pizzeria, ices, happy hour and theme evenings.

Stay connected !

WIFI at La Sousta

Good news : Fiber  at la Sousta !

You're looking for a campsite in south of France that provides a Wifi internet access ? That's la Sousta !

You have Internet connection for your laptop or smartphone on almost everywhere on the campsite.

WiFi is for personal use and not for professional matters. The day of your arrival, we offer you one hour of free connexion. After that :


5 hours to count down minute by minute: 6 ¤

10 hours to count down minute by minute: 10 ¤

20 hours to count down minute by minute: 16 ¤