La Sousta 4 stars campsite

Mountain bike circuit at the Sernhac tunnels and Pont du Gard

Go mountain biking to discover Roman remains. This route, quite short but relatively demanding, will allow you to discover les tunnels de Sernhac, hidden in the scrubland . You will then join the fun trails to the Pont du Gard and its remains. Stay alert and respectful, pedestrians are numerous in season.

VTT - MEDIUM- 19.5 km - 330 m

The course begin by the Green Way of Pont du Gard from la Sousta.You go to the South to join Sernhac and its famous tunnels.
To do this, at km 5 of the circuit, you leave the cycle path by turning right the street of Puits d’Agathe, entering the village of Sernhac. After going up to the village, you continue to climb by the Chemin des Cavaliers and following by a path on your right.Around km 7.3, you are at the highest point of the circuit ; the path descends to join the tunnels of Perotte and Cantarelles, hidden in the scrubland.
So put the bike down to visit the place. These sixty-meter-long tunnels were dug by the Romans in the 1st century, in order to supply Nîmes with water, which was the case until the 6th century. They were discovered by the army in 1974, clogged with dirt and rubble. You can browse them, enjoy their freshness and observe the rock of the tunnels, which keeps track of the locations of oil lamps and picks.

You then continue your journey in the scrubland to reach Saint-Bonnet-du-Gard by passing its church. You move away from the village by going up by the Chemin du Sablas (more or less tarred ...), located in the middle of the vineyards,to take a new narrow and stony path to the km 11.5, the Roussičres path. This monotrack and descending trail (marked in yellow) leads, after more than 2 km, very close to the Pont du Gard.

You arrive on the road. At this level, we suggest you to cross the bridge (be careful, downhill mountain biking is compulsory) to make a small additional 6 km loop. You will discover the Pont du Gard its vestiges and a superb belvedere.

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