La Sousta 4 stars campsite

The Roman remains of Sernhac

From your campsite, the circuit takes you on the Voie Verte from the Pont du Gard in the direction of Beaucaire, in order to discover the tunnels of Sernhac. You will also visit the medieval village of Meynes en route. No difficulties for this bike ride of  20 km,accessible to everyone, on dedicated bike paths or small roads and paths.

VTC - EASY - 23.3 km - 115 m

To begin, the circuit takes you to take a little detour to the Pont du Gard, unavoidable. After admiring the marvelous Roman aqueduct bridge spanning the Gardon, you go to the Voie Verte, along the road of Beaucaire.
After crossing the railroad tracks, the greenway quietly departs from the road and joins Sernhac. Entering the village, around km 6.9 of the course, you leave the cycle path by taking the rue des Puits d'Agathe on the right. At the cemetery, you take the Chemin des Cantarelles along the railroad tracks which allow you to join the famous tunnels of Sernhac...

The paved road turns into a pebble path and towards km 8.2 you turn left to go up to the Perotte Tunnels site and the Cantarelles hidden in the garrigue.
So put the bike down to visit the place. These sixty-meter-long tunnels were dug by the Romans in the 1st century, in order to supply Nîmes with water, which was the case until the 6th century. They were discovered by the army in 1974, clogged with dirt and rubble. You can browse them, enjoy their freshness and observe the rock of the tunnels, which keeps track of the locations of oil lamps and picks.

The circuit then descends to Sernhac by the path of the Aqueduct and the Olivette, to take the Voie Verte after passing under the highway, towards km 10.6. You then make a small 7 km loop towards Meynes (if you want to go back to la Sousta, you can take the Voie Verte).
Meynes is a medieval village with a rich historical past, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. Go see the Font-Cluse fountain, whose healing properties were known to Charlemagne or François 1er, the historic center of old Meynes, the 12th century fortified church and the others Templar remains.

After visiting the village, you join the GR first, then the Greenway after passing under the highway, to leave in the direction of Sernhac. You only have 6 more kilometers to return to the campsite.

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